• Objectives

    The objects of the Y.M.C.A Public charitable trust are:

    1. To utilize the income as well as the principal of the said Trust funds for charitable purpose ie, relief of the poor, education and medical relief without distinction of caste or creed and to carry out programmes of rural development and promotion of social and economic welfare and uplift of the prople in rural and other areas.
      1. Establish and
      2. Run dispensaries, Medical establishments, child welfare and family welfare centers and home for the aged.

    2. Nutrition programme for children.

      1. Establish and Run educational and vocational training centers and institutions for differently abled people.
      2. Construction of and
      3. Maintenance of drinking water projects.

    3. Supply of improved varieties of seeds and other assistance to small-marginal farmers.

    4. To accept donations, grants, presents and to deal with the same for the purpose of the trust.

    5. To acquire movable and immovable properties by purchase lease or otherwise and to construct building on the land thus acquired for the purpose of the Trust.

    6. To invest the Trust funds or to deal with the same as the Trustees may deem fit, to carry on the objects of the Trust.

  • Trustees

    The Trustees of this trust shall be
    1. The President of Y.M.C.A. Tiruvalla.
    2. Vice President of Y.M.C.A. Tiruvalla
    3. The Treasurer of Y.M.C.A Tiruvalla
    4. The Honorary Secretary of Y.M.C.A Tiruvalla
    5. The Chairman and Convenor of the school for mentally disabled, namely Vikas School, by the Board of Directors of Y.M.C.A Thiruvalla for 1996 -97 and thereafter by the trustees of the Trust.

  • Programmes : The Y.M.C.A Vikas School is run by Y.M.C.A charitable trust. The trust aims to develop the 50 cents land near M.C. Road, Muthoor, donated by the children of Late V.K. Eapen, Vilakkupattathil. Into a full fledged campus for vikas school and camp centre. The tailoring centre at the Rehabilitation project area at ‘Padathupalam’ is also run by the public charitable trust.